Isbourne Foundation Therapists’ Journey TBC

This journey has been proposed by the Isbourne Foundation, a sister charity.  No dates are available yet, but if you are interested please contact the Isbourne Foundation

This 2 week long journey will both a pilgrimage and a working journey. It will be a journey into the world of the nomad. Nomads move in response to the environment, they are at one with the natural world, their spirit is nurtured and nourished by the earth, the sky and the landscape. Nomads have lived in Sinai for centuries and so have hermits who come in search of enlightenment.

We invite you to join us, working alongside the mountain Bedouin to build a small dam. This is one journey where you will be happy to leave behind something of great value…

Our journey starts at the monastery of St Katherine in the high mountains. From there we will trek even higher to the Bedouin gardens to work on the project, building a small dam for a few days. Later we will trek through more mountain passes before we travel to our desert retreat. Here, in the stillness there will be an opportunity to be totally alone, though not far from camp, and experience the timeless quality of this amazing landscape. The journey completes with a trek through the desert, to transport and the flight home.

Dates:  TBC

Cost: £800 excluding flights

Booking: Contact Isbourne Foundation for more information and a booking form

The journey includes accommodation, all food, local transport, guides, tipping and travel insurance. There are no additional costs.

Journey Highlights
* Work alongside Bedouin on a water conservation project
* Sleep under the stars
* Enjoy Bedouin hospitality
* Delicious fresh food
* Mountain treks
* Visit to St Katherine’s Monastery
* Spend time in solitude and retreat with the silence in the emptiness of the desert – if you wish
* End with a Camel trek through the desert

This is a closed journey for Isbourne therapists, staff, pupils and teachers only.