Abu Gifa Community Drinking Well


The Bedouin families in the Abu Gifa area of St Katherines village have to walk long distances to fetch clean drinking water for their families. The water they buy, which is brought in by trucks, is not clean, and can only be used for washing. Suleiman has a good well in his garden called Tanawa (apple), and he allows the villagers to take water from his well without charging them.

But in the summer, when the water table falls, there is a desperate situation as there is not enough water in the well for everyone. Nonetheless, Suleiman feels he cannot turn people away. He has asked for help from the Makhad Trust.


The purpose is to provide at least 40 families with clean drinking water.

Project Work

The work will be to deepen the well and if possible to provide an access pipe nearer to the village so the women do not have to walk so far carrying the water.


This community well is waiting for sponsorship (£850) before any work can begin. If you are interested in helping this vital work please contact the Makhad Trust.