Nawamis School


The Muzeina Bedouin villagers of Nawamis have wanted a school of their own for some time and have asked the Makhad Trust for help in providing this. At the moment any children wishing to have an education have to travel a good distance every day to the nearest school or stay with a family relative who lives near to a school. Transport is expensive and the villagers do not like their children being so far away from home. With the permission and the support of the local authorities a site for the new school has been selected near to the village and adjacent to the Nawamis Centre. An attractive design in keeping with the desert surroundings has been submitted. It incorporates several phases that allow for expansion to include more classrooms but initially will consist of two classrooms, a kitchen and accommodation for a teacher.


The purpose of the school will be to educate the children in the surrounding area to a level which will equip them for their future life. A school in their own area will make education a more relevant process for the children. There is a plan at a later date to make provision for some of the many deaf children who occur in significant numbers in the Muzeina tribe.


The children from Nawamis and the surrounding villages.

Project Work

There may be some project construction work for Makhad Trust groups as well as work for individuals helping the school to run special courses.


Partners are the local authority as well as the Nawamis Society NGO.


At June 2011 architectural plans are under discussion with the local authorities in Nuweiba. Funding for the school is being sought. Once the plans are agreed and funds are in place the construction work can begin.