The Nawamis Community Well


Like many villages in the desert, the South Sinai Nawamis community has no well.  Water has to be trucked into the village and stored by each household at great cost.  Villagers cannot remain in their community during the summer months but are forced to move to Nuweiba where it is less costly to provide their animals with sufficient water.

Water is of vital importance to the Bedouin and their ability to follow a traditional way of life in the desert. The Makhad Trust has worked to provide the necessary funds for the sinking of a borehole type well for the community.  This well will also provide sufficient water for the Nawamis Centre.

The well will be under the care and supervision of the Nawamis Society NGO – made up of the villagers of Nawamis.


to assist the Bedouin community and maintain a sustainable desert economy

to provide a social structure which will become the heart of the community


The community of Nawamis


Nawamis Society NGO


Once the sinking of the well has been completed in 2011, the Makhad Trust intends to build a protective structure surrounding the well and protecting the solar panels which it will install to power a solar pump.