The Nawamis Tents


Tents woven by the women from camel, goat and sheep hair are traditional to the desert Bedouin, who were semi nomadic, moving to find pasture and water for their camels and goats.  Comfortable, practical, attractive and environmentally friendly, these tents have been used in the design of the Nawamis Centre. They fit perfectly into the desert landscape and provide a familiar setting for the Bedouin to meet.

The attractive black tented roofs of the Nawamis Centre have been woven with strong black goat hair by Bedouin women from several tribes under the direction of Selema Gebally Awad, founder of the Fansina Craft Centre in St Katherine.

Leading on from the initial making of the Nawamis Centre’s tents and roofs, it is hoped that the local weaving craft will be encouraged as it is in danger of becoming lost to younger women. This skill will enable the women to produce other woven goods to sell to visitors.


To provide woven tents and roofs for the Nawamis Centre

To increase the local economy through the sale of woven articles

To preserve the weaving tradition 


The Bedouin women who will have an increased source of income


The Nawamis villagers

Fansina Craft Centre, St Katherine


The tents and roofs have currently been completed and are now in use. Their design allows for organic growth if it is necessary to expand the covered area in the future.