Clean Energy Pump


The introduction of clean, renewable energy is a part of the Makhad Trust Garden Restoration Scheme. Mechanical petrol pumps are currently being used by the Bedouin garden owners to pump water from their wells up to their water storage tanks. The orchard trees are then watered by hose or irrigation channels from the water storage tanks. This system wastes water and uses non-renewable energy.

Kickstart Pump Trial

A trial of 6 “Kickstart Hip” Pumps funded by a Makhad Trust sponsor has recently begun in some of the mountain gardens near to St Katherines. These pumps, which are operated by hand, are imported from Kenya, where they are widely used. The pumps are inexpensive, simple in design, lightweight, and very easy to operate. Their drawback is that they can only be used up to a depth of 7m and will therefore not be suitable for all the mountain gardens.

Early Results

Hussein Mousa, who was the first to receive a pump, is very pleased with it so far. He finds it easy to store and assemble, and it is so easy to operate that he can either pump a longer distance to his water tanks or gently straight to each tree making it much less wasteful of water.


The purpose of the trial, which will last for one year, is to bring out any problems that may attend the use of these pumps (for instance in transportation and import into the country, or any proneness to early breakage), and also to ascertain the strength of interest amongst garden owners.