Hussein Sala Mousa – well and dam


This beautiful and well tended garden lies at a height of 1895m in Wadi Buleia. There are several gardens at different terraced levels, with a total of over 300 old and new trees, including apples, almonds, apricots, figs and vines. The upper garden has extensive irrigation channels while the lower Wadi contains stone buildings for visitor accommodation.


The water table in the valley has sunk by several meters due to a decrease in rainfall and excessive drainage to coastal developments. This has meant that Hussein’s two wells were not deep enough and that he did not have enough water to keep his trees alive. Although Hussein loves his garden he did not have enough funds to deepen the wells himself, as they are in granite, which is expensive to dig out.


Hussein Sala Mousa is a proud, friendly and energetic man who works very hard in his garden. Hussein was born in this garden, which has been in his family for many years. He is married with 3 sons and 2 daughters and once a week walks for two hours to get to his garden so that he can water the trees.


The well has now been deepened and repaired and Hussein is delighted that he has sufficient water for all his trees. He has also been able to build a new water storage tank in his main garden. In addition a small dam has been built by Waldorf College above the garden which will hold up the rainwater long enough for it to penetrate to the water table. This will greatly help Hussein’s garden and all the many other gardens that lie below it, which are also suffering through lack of water.


The well has been sponsored by Cath Barton who has sponsored three garden wells and visited Sinai many times to work on Makhad Trust projects. The dam has been sponsored by several individuals, including Colin Watson and Tim Rickard.