Ishmail Ibrahim Salem – well and dam


This small dam has been built in a narrow branch wadi leading off from Wadi Tinya in the South Sinai mountains near St Katherine’s. It is below Ishmail’s large orchard garden.


Due to the decrease in rainfall the water table has sunk, so that many garden wells are now of insufficient depth and trees are dying through lack of water. This dam will retain the scarce rainwater and allow it to penetrate to the water table below. The dam will benefit not only Ishmail’s garden but some 50 or more gardens that lie below it in Wadi Tinya.


Ishmail Ibrahim Salem, who helped to build the dam and is very proud of it, is owner of the surrounding land. His garden well is also currently being sponsored by four women who have been out to Sinai and are supporters of the Makhad Trust.

Work Completed:

In April 2008 a Makhad Trust working group of 14 raised by Cath Barton helped to construct the dam, along with many Bedouin.


Sponsors of the material costs of the dam were Frank and Jan James from Gloucestershire.