Oda Mohamed Oda – well and dam


This is a large and beautiful garden in Wadi Shaq (Narrow Wadi) at a height of 6,000 feet above sea level. It is over 150 years old and has a large number of fruit trees. It is a well-known place for walkers to visit and camp overnight and has a winter sleeping room and a compost toilet.


Since it is situated near pools this garden used to have plenty of water, but because of seven consecutive years of diminished rainfall there was not enough water for the trees. The well was not deep enough and had been damaged by floodwater.

The Owner:

Oda, who is 62 years old, is a very fit man with a wife, five daughters and three sons. He has worked in the garden since he was a young boy and lives in it even during the winter months. Produce from the garden benefits about 20 members of his family.


The well has now been deepened and repaired which has made Oda very happy as he now has sufficient water for all his trees. In addition a vital dam has been constructed by two working groups from the UK, a Ruskin Mill College group and a Waldorf College group, along with Bedouin colleagues and friends. The dam is made of local stone and is 12 metres wide. It sits across the narrow wadi above the garden and will preserve the scarce and precious rainwater when it comes. Not only will it benefit Oda’s garden but all of the dozens of gardens that lie below it in Wadi Shaq and lower branch wadis.


The sponsor both of the well and and the dam is Ruskin Mill College, who raised funds though a Craft Fair.