Salem Faraj Farhan – well


This garden is in Wadi Gibal, 6,138 above sea level; it is spacious and very well cared for. As well as newly planted trees there are many mature fruit trees which provide good shade for walkers, who can take tea with Salem, the owner and stay overnight with him. The trees include almond, apricot, vines, olives, figs and pomegranates and there is a vegetable plot for the family.


Although there are several wells they were not deep enough and there was insufficient water for the trees.


Salem is the owner of the garden, along with his mother and five children. He is well known as a skilled carpenter and builder, but at 65 he is retired and prefers to stay most of the year in his garden, which has a good stone house. He is an excellent host, delighting in the walkers who visit him and has a deep spiritual attachment to his garden.


The well has received sponsorship and has now been deepened and the sides repaired, so Salem has sufficient water for all his trees and will be able to plant new ones. He has also received sponsorship for a much-needed compost toilet which he has been able to construct himself.


There is one individual sponsor for this garden. He will be unable to visit the garden in the near future because of work commitments, but takes a very keen interest in its progress through the Site Reports and photographs that we send to him.