Ein Khudra

This project, in the desert Oasis in the Sinai, a settlement dating back to before the Biblical Exodus, was where the foundation of the Makhad Trust’s vision of providing support and working with the Bedouin in the Sinai was formed

In partnership with Ruskin Mill College and the Bedouin garden owners, over a number of years, the oasis gardens have been restored with water, young trees and shelters. The small community has flourished and it has become an attractive place for tourists, where they can visit, take tea and camp overnight. This has provided the Bedouin with an additional source of income, in keeping with their ancient traditions of desert hospitality, in addition to the income from the produce of the Oasis.

There are several ways tourists can reach Ein Khudra: either by vehicle via a long desert wadi or by a short descent on foot down the beautiful White Canyon which leads to the oasis. In spite of the many tourists care is being taken by the Muzeina tribe to protect the White Canyon and keep it clean.

It may be possible in the future to open a disused well in a nearby wadi and establish a garden community with camels; this will enable camel treks to the oasis and help lessen the motor vehicle traffic.