The Nawamis Gathering


Plans for the inaugural Nawamis Gathering of some of the Bedouin tribes are underway.  They have not been able to meet together for some time because of a lack of a suitable venue and are looking forward to an opportunity to discuss how to preserve their history and culture in the face of a fast changing world.

As an important historic area and geographically positioned at the heart of all the tribes, Nawamis provides an ideal meeting place rich with the spirit of an ancient land. The design of the Centre with its walls made from local stone, traditional tents woven from goat hair and the views across the desert, provide a perfect environment for relaxed but serious discussion.

It is envisaged that the Gathering might begin with a simple Bedouin meal followed by discussion in the traditional Bedouin manner. Bedouin musicians would play and women will demonstrate their craft of weaving. Camel racing might be incorporated if the conditions are favourable.


To preserve the culture and traditions of the Bedouin of the South Sinai by providing a gathering place.


South Sinai Bedouin

Visitors to Egypt who will have an opportunity for an exchange of culture

Project Work

Makhad Trust groups will help to prepare the site ready for the Gathering


Sheikhs from the Bedouin tribes