People ~ Spirit ~ Environment

The Makhad Trust is a charity that works to sustain the environment and natural heritage of the Bedouin tribes of the Sinai Mountains and Desert in Egypt and other nomadic regions of the world. We also offer working journeys and other environmentally friendly trips to Sinai.

The mission of the Makhad Trust is to provide a meeting place, in nomadic regions of the world, where there is a powerful relationship between the environment and the human spirit. The Sinai Desert is one of those places.

Makhad works to sustain the environment and the natural heritage of the people who live in those regions and, while doing so, to appreciate and to learn from their traditional wisdom.

The work of the Trust is informed by the following aims:

  • To support the preservation the traditions, culture and wisdoms of the Bedouin people
  • The need of every person to have access to water, as a basic human right
  • The need to assist the very poor and of those at the margins of society;
  • The need to support the general well-being of individuals and communities so that they can support themselves in the future.

The trust takes a humanitarian approach to its work which have the following characteristics:

  • The project or activity has been initiated by the Bedouin people who wish to be empowered and find solutions to their own problems;
  • The project has a relatively simple clear set of objectives and actions that further the vision of the Trust;
  • The project assists in developing the capacity of individuals, and their communities, helping them to help themselves;
  • Some projects may enhance the learning of individuals, or their communities;
  • The projects ‘beneficiaries’ participate in the management and running of the project or activity; and
  • The project’s ‘beneficiaries’ have suffered, or are suffering, a level of poverty or personal circumstances that are difficult for the individual to overcome without assistance.