People ~ Spirit ~ Environment

For the last seventeen years, our main focus has been on assisting the Bedouin people of Sinai with access to water.  Due to drought, changing climate, and increased use of water from the underground aquifers, the water table has dropped throughout the region, and wells have gone dry.  This is the most serious problem for any population to deal with. Every well has a ‘guardian’ family or community, but the ever deteriorating economic situation amongst the Bedouin people made it impossible for them to buy the resources to deepen their wells.  Since 2007 The Makhad Trust has been raising funds to assist well guardians in the restoration of their wells.

Since then, 600 wells have been restored giving over 43,000 people access to water for drinking and water to grow food and crops.

As the Bedouin say ” Water is Life –  Without Water We are Nothing”

The trust has also instigated other projects to support the Bedouin and to help them to help themselves.  These include a Library for women and children to improve literacy, a Beekeeping Training Programme, a Carpentry School, a support Class for orphaned children teaching them to grow indigenous herbs, a Seed Bank, a program of Solar Pump replacements for wells, and the Provision of Drying Racks for orchard fruit.