The Makhad Trust provides practical projects which promote sustainable living and are directed towards people who have shown an interest in returning to work their land. We seek out local entrepreneurs with leadership qualities and help them to provide working models for the whole community.

All projects are designed to protect the natural environment and its custodians, the Bedouin people.  The results or our projects are that communities are given hope and purpose and the economy of garden agriculture is revitalised.

From these projects smaller community projects have arisen. These are carefully designed to be broadly educational while importantly protecting the heritage of the people.

The primary aim of our Sinai projects is to support the Bedouin in their traditional way of life. This is done in three ways: by enabling sustainable economic development, by supporting the traditional culture and by developing educational resources.

Economic development is encouraged and assisted through garden restoration. We help bring individual gardens into production by repairing wells, building dams and developing pumps for cleaner energy. To enable the Bedouin to make a living from these gardens we help them dry herbs and fruit, package them and sell them; this is done by providing drying boxes in individual gardens. We also help them develop their traditions of hospitality towards visitors, which provides an income from tourism. For this we have helped build garden compost toilets.

Support for the traditional culture currently includes the development of a women’s craft centre and a Bedouin museum. The educational projects include the provision of computers and computer training courses.

So far Makhad Trust has helped to the restoration of over 400 orchard garden and community drinking wells. A garden well generally helps a single family of 8 to 10 people while a community drinking well provides good water for communities of around 30 people. This means that an astounding number of around 20,000 people now have access to good water, plus their goats and camels.

Wells total as at 25 April  2019

Completed Underway Waiting Sponsor Waiting List
Garden Wells 222 6 35 205
Community Wells 216 11 51 186
Totals 438 17 88 391

There are still 479 in total, waiting for our help

The Makhad Trust would like to thank all of its funders and supporters without whom none of the projects would have happened.  Many of our funders and supporters would like to remain anonymous but we like to acknowledge two of our funders who have supported the Beekeeping Training Project

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