News and Events

Most of the projects initiated by the Makhad Trust are run by Bedouin themselves.  They supervise the restoration work of their wells, and there are Bedouin running the Herbal Horticulture course, the Carpentry School and the Beekeeping course. The Bedouin community does not lack skills but it does lack the financial resources to make things happen. Volunteers from UK, Europe and Australia have worked alongside Bedouin on all our dams, contributing with their labour and their journey fee.  The projects are overseen by our UK Project Manager, Helen and our Sinai Manager, Mahmoud.   You can read about all the projects and our journeys in the Friends Newsletter and in the Makhad News pages. News changes fast and these pages will be updated regularly with local events that the Makhad Trust and the Friends are involved with.

If you would like to help by joining a journey, please contact us via the Contact page.

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