Journeys to Sinai are now organised with Sinai Journeys Ltd and you will find details of forthcoming journeys on their website.

Sinai Journeys Ltd initiates a series of journeys for small groups of visitors. These journeys will involve project work and/or have a broadly educational aspect. Journeys lead to meetings; and meeting places are where people, ideas and practical projects can interact. The result is a contribution to the sustainable way of life of those who host the meetings.

It is in the nature of places such as the Sinai that those who wish to take part in our practical projects need to make a journey in order to get to the remote destinations where they are needed. The journey, which will generally be on foot or by camel, together with the project work is the opportunity to gain an understanding of the environment, both natural and cultural.

The journeys are not intended to be holidays, but can be seen in the context of ‘sustainable tourism’ and may be taken as practical demonstrations of how we might experience our world more fully without, in the process, destroying its delicate balance.

Sinai Journeys are about meeting people. You are warmly invited to join us.