‘The full moon over the desert, the bright stars in the night sky. The soft sand of the mountainous dunes…”A voyage into the soul’” may sound a bit of an intimidating phrase and yet it was an effortless, beautiful and vital journey’

Bella Merlin, Desert Retreat

‘What an extraordinary opportunity to learn about the nature of being, rhythms of life and the tenderness of the natural environment’

Tania Coke, Desert Retreat

Three days of fasting, three days of feasting in the Sinai desert was a life transforming experience which I wish I could do every year’

Satish Kumar, Desert Retreat

‘Makhad’s retreat combines integration and spiritual renewal, through the opportunity to be at one with the architecture of the desert and the narratives of the soul’

Robyn Woolston, Desert Retreat

‘I don’t think I’ve ever been so privileged to be introduced to wild social entrepreneurs and a more peaceful natural way of life. It was because of the deep, trusting relationship built up by the Makhad Trust that the Bedouin received us so gracefully and warmly’

Polly McLean, Desert Retreat

“CCP is keen to develop positive, life-changing experiences as a means of engaging and educating disadvantaged young people. We aim to show them alternatives to their current lifestyles, provide them with opportunities for making a positive social contribution, and give them experience of different communities and cultures.

In October 2009, a resident in our Cheltenham Foyer supported accommodation was selected to take part in a Makhad project in the Sinai desert. The experience has been invaluable in raising her self esteem and aspirations, and she has returned with an appreciation of the everyday hardships endured by other cultures in the world. We hope that the experience of living with a nomadic tribe in the desert will inspire her to work towards achieving a positive, sustainable future for herself and others.”

Ramona Ray (Service Development Manager, CCP), Desert Working Journey