Most of the Press reports were written by people who had experienced one of our Sinai Journeys, of which there were many prior to the Arab Spring.  The journeys made up most of our work then, but for the last 9 years, we have been concentrating on restoring water to the Bedouin for their gardens and for drinking, plus other small projects.  Due to the nature of our work on the ground, and few visitors, we have not been focusing on publicity.  However the press articles below are still valid for anyone who wishes to visit the Sinai, where many people have said that their trip was a life changing experience.

We were proud when one of our latest projects in Sinai received media coverage St Catherine’s Local Community Welcomes Its First Ever Public Library

Jini Reddy – The Fast Show – an article written by Jini Reddy after she participated in a retreat organised by the Makhad Trust. First published in the National Geographic Traveller magazine July/August 2011.

Nick Gibbs – Surviving in the Sinai Lead article in the May/June 2011 edition of Living Woods Magazine written by the editor. The magazine for people passionate about wood and trees

Stewart Herman – The Jebeliya: Reflections on Development September 2010

Major feature about Makhad Trust and Sinai Wanderlust Sinai in the August/September 2010 edition of Wanderlust, the leading UK magazine for independent-minded travellers

Sandi Toksvig talks to Gail Simmons about Sinai (Gail begins speaking at 8.53 minutes)  BBC Radio 4 Excess Baggage  Saturday 3 July 2010

Jini Reddy – Rolling Up Your Sleeves With the Bedouin, Time Magazine  20 May 2010

Anon – Gloucestershire drug addict experiences desert life, October 2009

Gail Simmons – A Sense of Place Resurgence Magazine, July 2009

Gail Simmons – ‘Feast of Sand and Stars’ Telegraph, February 2008

Will Gethin – ‘Sinai Desert: Nomadic wonder‘ The Independent, January 2007

The statements in these articles represent the personal views of the writer, and do not necessarily represent the official policy or position of the Makhad Trust on any of the issues to which they relate.