All the excellent work of the Makhad Trust could not have been done without the huge support of many charitable trusts and funding bodies who have contributed over the last 12 years. We have also had a lot of financial support from friends and supporters, particularly people who have been on journeys to Sinai with the Makhad Trust.

Thank you very much indeed to all of you.

Open Gate Trust, Allan & Nesta Fergusson Charitable Trust, The Oakdale Trust, Stanley Smith (UK)  Horticultural Trust, Jephcott Charitable Trust, Drinking Fountain Association, Robert Kiln Charitable Trust, Peter Stebbings Memorial Charity, Fulmer Charitable Trust, Paterson Logan Charitable Trust, Evan Cornish Foundation, W F Southall Trust, CB &HH Taylor 1984 Trust,  Roger & Sarah Bancroft Clark Charitable Trust, Mirianog Trust, St. Mary’s Charity, Souter Charitable Trust, The Ashworth Charitable Trust, the Tula Trust, Chadwyck-Healey Charitable Trust, Cotton Trust, Schroder Trust, Henhurst Charitable Trust, MPM Charitable Trust, Eva Reckitt Trust Fund, Coles-Medlock Foundation, MJB Charitable Trust, Eva Crane Trust, Didymus CIO, Sydney E Franklin Charity,  Webmarkt, and many more.