Hand-made beaded bags, shawls and cushion covers

Fansina Bedouin Women’s Crafts in St. Katherine is run by a local Bedouin tribes women called Selema. The Jebeliya Bedouin tribes women produce beautiful handmade beaded bags, shawls and cushion covers from their mountain homes and from the sale of these bags at Fansina’s a sustainable ecomony is provided to over 400 women and their families.

For the last few years, we have been buying these bags from Selema and have sold them back here in England.  All the money made on the sale of the bags goes back to Mount Sinai, sponsoring the Makhad Trust’s garden restoration project.  For quite a while this has been almost our only source of raising funds to keep the garden projects alive, so it’s very important we keep this going. With lots of help from the Makhad friends, we have held some very successful bag parties.  A kind host will invite friends and family around for a fun evening with a fantastic display of bags, hear the story behind the project, see photos and possible a slide show of images from Sinai.

We would really like to spread out to other parts of the country but this is where we need your help… would you be able to hold a bag party or take a stall at a local event near you?  If you have any ideas or think you might be able to help, then please call Anni James on 01452 831003.