Details of Rachel’s Dam Build Journey 2024

Journey 2 – Rachel’s Dam Build

Date: 14 to 21 May 2024  TBC

Journey number: RD2024

Cost: £700.00 plus flight

Project Materials: Costs for dam materials and labour to be raised by group

Status: OPEN


The group will meet in Sharm el Sheikh then travel to St Katherine by minibus and spend the first night at Fox Camp, the backpackers hotel. The next day we will walk up into the high mountains to Wadi Itlah. Here we will camp in a bedouin garden where our Bedouin guides and hosts will prepare our meals for us. For the next four days we will work with a team of Bedouins building a small dam. This dam will stop the flash floods and preserve the water for the Bedouin gardens and wells lower down the valley. Once the work is completed we will return to St Katherine where we will have the opportunity to visit the famous fortified monastery of St Catherine, and there will also be a chance to purchase products from Fansina, a local enterprise employing Bedouin women to make beaded, embroidered bags.

For the walking and dam building a moderate level of fitness is required but no particular skills are necessary.