School & Youth Journeys

The Makhad Trust has been running journeys for and with schools and colleges for 10 years. Each journey lasts for a week to ten days and includes some type of water conservation work such as building a small dam alongside the local Bedouin.  In addition there are treks around the mountain valleys, and possibilities of visiting Mount Sinai, St. Catherine’s Monastery and a night or two in the desert.  The trips give the opportunity for pupils to study aspects of geography, geology, climate change, water conservation, history and antiquities, and religion.

We would like to expand the number of schools and colleges we host on our journeys and also give them the opportunity to link with individual Bedouin through sponsorship of gardens and wells.

If you have a contact with a school or college and think that they might benefit from working closely with the Makhad Trust please send details to Helen Cranston at