Working Journeys

At present all our working journeys take place in the South Sinai Mountains and Desert,  where nomadic people can benefit from our help.

Though relatively small (about twice the size of Belgium) the Sinai peninsula is unique because of its remarkable landscape and rich history. It is home to several nomadic tribes of Bedouin who have roamed freely in this region for centuries. The landscape is spectacular: desert and mountain, rocks sculpted by the wind, an immense solitude that encourages introspection and inner peace. Legends have been born in this landscape: it is the home of prophets of three major world religions.

Our main journey on offer is a working journey, where we work alongside Bedouin on a project that will help with access to water. This journey is an annual one, usually taking place in the spring.

In addition, we can offer a variety of bespoke journeys, carefully designed to accommodate different tastes and ages. A typical 8-day journey consists of some time working with a Jebeliya family in the high wadis (a wadi is a valley, usually a dried river bed), a short trek in the mountains towards Mount Sinai, a few days trekking with the Bedouin in the lower desert areas, and finally a day resting by the Red Sea. During the journeys in the mountains and desert, visitors will sleep outside under the stars, a profound experience.

Work for each group will vary according to the nature of the group and will also depend on which projects the Makhad Trust is currently organising. It usually involves helping to build a small stone dam though we have also helped build water storage tanks, helped with garden restoration, or building a wall around a well to prevent it from flooding during heavy rains.

We think of our journeys as part project work and part exploration rather than holidays, but they are suitable for all physical abilities and ages. With our deep knowledge of the area and the considerable experience of the expedition leader, journeys can be tailored to particular needs: we can accommodate the needs of corporate organisations, schools, colleges, or simply groups of friends.

We travel in small groups of 8 – 12 people, so that we can be sure of providing personal attention and to enable individual travellers to make a connection with the Bedouin and to explore and appreciate fully the natural beauty of the landscape. You are warmly invited to help with the work of the Makhad Trust by joining us on one of our journeys in the Sinai.

An up to date list of Forthcoming Journeys is here. If you would like more information, please let us know and we will be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Journeys in the Sinai are initiated and organised by Makhad Journeys Ltd, a specialised company working in partnership with the Makhad Trust.


Leeds Metropolitan University about their visit to help with the desert project – We Are Here October 2009

Dam building working journey Newent Community School Working Party