Community Drinking Wells

The Egyptian authorities only provide washing water, which is too contaminated to drink and is  distributed by truck for payment.  Consequently people rely on old community wells for drinking water for them and their animals. Each well supplies 15-30 families and their goats and camels – but most are going dry.

Well water is shared around communities and there is often not enough . Bedouin traditions ensure that no-one will ever refuse their water to others but it results in too many families drawing water from one well. Women usually collect the water and often have far to walk to the nearest well where collecting with buckets can be unsafe. When there are no useable wells in an area people are forced to go many miles to find it and then only a little can be carried.

We have restored 240 wells in the towns, mountains and deserts around St Katherines, but we still have another 200 wells on our waiting list, so the project continues.