Forthcoming Journeys

Forthcoming Journeys

Makhad Journeys has been running one or more Working Journeys annually, for people to come and experience life with the Bedouin and to contribute to well being of everyone by increasing access to water.

After a pause due to the pandemic, Working Journeys will resume in Autumn 2022, (with an option of an extension at Sharks Bay Umbi Diving Resort, Sharm El Sheikh).  The focus of the trip will be the building of a dam to provide more water for the mountain gardens.  We will publish information here in July with dates for October.

Supporting the Bedouin

Over 60% of the cost of the trips directly contributes towards sustaining the Bedouin community in various ways, including paying for the many services they provide and supporting the charitable work of the Makhad Trust. Any work you undertake whilst on your journey also contributes directly to the wellbeing of the Bedouin.

You can book these journeys by phone, by email or by post. Email, or or phone us on 01242 544546.

  • Details of Journey in 2022 (Rachel’s Dam Build)